Sunday, September 29, 2013

Using ShowMe in the One-iPad Classroom

One of the big goals with this blog is to give teachers ideas for using technology in their own classrooms.  I think the best way to do this is by sharing what this technology looks like in the real world with real students.  I want to showcase every classroom using technology at some point during this school year in this blog.  Sharing real teacher experiences is the best way to help teachers collaborate and learn from each other.  As the Data/Technology Coach, I have the advantage of being inviting into these classroom throughout the week- a luxury that a classroom teacher does not have.  So I feel it is my job to share the great things I'm seeing with everyone so that we can collectively benefit from the experiences of each other.  

The first thing I've noticed is how teachers are taking advantage of having one iPad in a classroom of 20-25 students.

In classrooms equipped with a projector, an Apple TV and an iPad, ShowMe is one of the easiest apps to use right off the bat when integrating tech into your lessons.  Here are some examples of how these apps can help you work your way up the SAMR model:

Mrs. Balicki has been using her Apple TV in conjunction with the ShowMe app almost since Day One of school.

Here, you can see Mrs. Balicki using the app as a substitute for the standard overhead projector.  She was able to easily photograph her worksheet (a diagram of a skeleton) and then annotate using ShowMe.  The students worked on their paper worksheets as Mrs. Balicki taught the lesson.

Mrs. Balicki has also recorded her Common Core math lessons using ShowMe.  She then embeds them into her blog so that parents can see the new ways that the math standards are being taught.  This allows parents to better assist their students with their homework and is a great example of "Teaching Above the Line" with the SAMR model.

I've seen other teachers using ShowMe in their classrooms already this year.  I'll make sure to share these success stories (and others) in future posts!

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