Monday, October 21, 2013

The SAMR Model (in 120 seconds)

The SAMR Model: What is it?  And how is it supposed to help your children learn?

To start, SAMR is a 4-step scaffold that's meant to help teachers use technology to its fullest potential.

The whole idea of SAMR is to push technology beyond being just some pretty cool way to engage kids in the classroom.  SAMR points out that, yes, technology does make things easier and quicker and paperless, but it can also totally transform your classroom.

As you work your way up the SAMR model with your teaching, you'll see your students complete tasks and projects that were unimaginable without the technology.  At least, that's what Ruben Puentedura, the creator of SAMR, has observed through his research on one-to-one devices in the classroom.

The SAMR model is pretty simple, but it can be hard to determine where some classroom activities fall in the scaffold.  Hopefully, this 2-minute video can make it a bit easier to visualize:

Throughout the year, we'll be working more with SAMR as a staff and as a district.  There will be plenty of opportunities to become even more familiar with this proven model for using technology.

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