Monday, October 14, 2013

Using Educreations to Integrate Math and Reading

In my last post, I explained how the ShowMe app can help you teach to higher levels of the SAMR Model for Technology Integration, even if you only have one iPad in your classroom.  Educreations is an app that works similarly.

At Irving, Mrs. Heidloff has been a huge fan of Educreations.  She grabs images off the internet and uses them to teach concepts in math and reading.  Take, for example, this math lesson that uses the characters from Where the Wild Things Are, a book that Mrs. Heidloff's students just read.

With Educreations, grabbing and using images is easy to do in a short period of time; You don't have to print anything or cut anything out with scissors.   The addition of these images makes the lesson more engaging and ties the math into the literacy lesson from earlier in the week.  Mrs. Heidloff is demonstrating a great way to augment a lesson with technology.

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