Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Bootcamp Day 1 for 5th Grade

Today was 5th Grade's first day of iPad Bootcamp!  Students cheered as Ms. Tresselt explained that each child will be using an iPad mini in school.  Before students can use the iPads, the teachers wanted to make sure that each child know the proper way to use the devices.  Ms. Balicki and Ms. Creehan spent some time explaining the importance of following the Acceptable Use Policy.  

After listening carefully to the rules set out by the district, students combed through the district's Acceptable Use Policy on their own to come up with 5 “Golden Rules” for using the iPads.  The fifth graders worked in groups to arrive at these rules:
  1. Use the iPad for school purposes only.
  2. Treat the iPad with respect and care.
  3. Talk to others online with the same respect as you would in person.
  4. Keep your private information (and password) totally private.
  5. Only use your own account.

Parents can help reinforce what we’ve learned in class by talking to their children about these rules and asking their children why these rules are important.  By taking a few minutes to talk about Bootcamp, parents can help ensure the success of the use of technology in the classroom.  

The rest of this week's Bootcamp Plans will continue as follows:

Device Basics: What are the various features and functions of the iPad and how do you use them?  What do the status icons on the screen mean?  

Proper Care and Handling: Learn and practice basic tablet maintenance and handling rules, strategies, and routines.

Safe and Ethical Use: Classify what kinds of information should be kept private online.  Recognize that the information put online leaves a digital trail.

Next week, we will finish our Bootcamp on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  We look forward to a great first week with the iPads!  

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