Saturday, April 5, 2014

iLearn Round 2: The 4th Graders Go Mobile!

iPad Minis for 4th Graders are finally here, and so is iPad Bootcamp, our six-session way of teaching our students how to be respectful, responsible, and safe with increased access to technology.

So what did we do in Week One?  Take a look:

Lesson 1: Learn the Acceptable Use Policy
For this lesson, we gathered all the 4th graders, their teachers, Principal Hodge, and Mrs. Creehan, our Student Support Specialist.  For a full half-hour, students listened as we read and explained our district's Acceptable Use Policy. 

Then, students "translated" the Acceptable Use Policy into kid-friendly terms and summarized the policy into 5 "iPad Golden Rules" that would be posted in the classrooms:

  1. Use the iPad for school purposes only.

  1. Don’t give out personal information or your password.

  1. Treat the iPads well.

  1. Communicate nicely and respectfully.

  1. Give credit to the owner of the information.  Cite your source.    

Lesson 2: Setup and Enroll the iPads
This was probably the most exciting day for the 4th graders because they were able to hold and touch their iPads for the very first time.  Check out their excited faces: 

Students enrolled in the district's iPad management system (Casper), added their school Gmail, Google Drive, and Edmodo usernames and passwords to these apps, and personalized their Lock Screen Image, making sure to include their last name, teacher's name, and school name for identification purposes.  

For personalizing the Lock Screen, students had their first crack at using Explain Everything to add drawings, text, and images.  Many of them used our district's subscription to Britannica Images to find a cool, copyright-free image for their screen.  

Lesson 3: Proper Care and Handling
Again, 4th grade students met together in the auditorium to learn how to care for their iPads.  Teachers demonstrated important Do's and Don'ts for taking care of the iPads:
  1. Touch the iPad gently (even if the iPad appears to be "slow").
  2. Carry your iPad close to your body with the screen facing in.
  3. Clean the iPad with special cloths.  Don't use water or materials that could scratch it.
  4. Keep your iPad in the cart when not in use.

Students then were asked to create a project in the app Popplet Lite.  They combined text, photos, and drawings to create a graphic organizer explaining how to treat their iPads.  

So far, the students are taking their responsibilities with the iPad seriously.  They know that this is a major privilege. Next week, students will finish their bootcamp lessons by learning Device Basics, Internet Safety, and Safe & Ethical Use.

***Our D97 blueprint for iPad Bootcamp comes from Common Sense Media's One-to-One Essentials.  Data Coaches from all D97 Elementary Schools collaborated to come up with the scripted lessons.  

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